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- Audit and evaluation of tax risks

- Assistance/representation in cases of tax control and negotiation of settlement agreements

- Introduction of any claim related to disputed taxes obtaining rebates

- Management of VAT refund cases

- Tax optimization

- Tax advice on IS, IR, VAT, TP and others

- Tax assessment of investment projects : tax impact calculation and predictable taxes

- Responses to requests for information sent by the tax administration

- Establishment and supervision of all tax statements (balance sheet, TP, Rémunérations versées à des tiers, Etat 9421, ...)

- Simulation payslips

- Advice on international tax agreements

- Interpretation of legislation (Finance Act, CGI, circulars, ...)

- Seminars on taxation (finance law, tax control, orders, ...)



- Establishment of companies

- Liquidation of companies

- Transfer of registered office

- Minutes, change of corporate purpose, amendment of the articles